Meet our dedicated team of staff and volunteers

Jinsiangu’s uniqueness and strength is encapsulated in the fact that its staff and volunteers are also members of the organisation. Making our team of professionals fully invested in the success of the organisation.


Office Bearers

Our office bearers are responsible for the day to day running of the resource center and implementation of our programme activities.


Toni SammieJo King'ori
Programmes Manager for Fundraising and Strategic Development

Toni is responsible for overseeing the formulation and implementation of the organization's strategy and strategic decisions.

Alesandra Ogeta—
Programme Officer, Research, Documentation and Advocacy

Alesandra is the communication link within Jinsiangu. They are responsible for designing and implementing research, advocacy and communications mandate.

McCarthy Adam Odhiambo—
Programmes Manager for Monitoring and Evaluation

McCarthy is responsible for project allocation, risk management, and monitoring and planning the activities of Jinsiangu, includin donor-reporting. 



Jinsiangu relies on volunteer members who act as liaisons between membership and staff; orientate and mentor new members; and assist office bearers with projects and activities.


Arnest Thiaya
Support Group and Counselling Coordinator

Kwash Kibagendi
Focal Person-Intersex Community

Christina Munene
Support Staff


J Tiche Tirop
Focal Person-Gender Non Conforming Community


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee serves in an Advisory role and is made up of three non-members who meet twice a year. The Committee provides strategic guidance and counsel and may be called upon to assist with fundraising and conflict-resolution.